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Running a business can be rewarding but also incredibly challenging. Simply focusing on the business activities and returning a profit is not enough these days.

With a significant rise in legislation over recent years, the threat of businesses facing costly legal disputes is as strong as ever, and few companies have the time, resources or expertise to defend themselves against legal action. All businesses need to ensure they operate within the framework of complicated legislation and regulations.

Legal disputes will certainly stretch the resources of any business, and have a negative effect on their finances. In some cases, this may even threaten the entire future of the business.

Commercial Legal Protection from DAS provides advice and assistance to help businesses operate more smoothly – through their expert legal advice helplines – and should the worst happen, provides comprehensive legal expenses insurance to help protect their legal rights.

In most circumstances, the Insurer instructs a specialist law firm to act for you in an attempt to resolve the dispute. Upon conclusion of the claim, the law firm sends the Insurer its bill of costs for payment.

You can rest safe in the knowledge that win, lose or draw – the Insurer will pay your lawyer’s bill and – should the claim be lost – your opponent’s costs as well.