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At a Glance

  • More choice and greater depth from a single source
  • Better targeting and easier response analysis
  • Quality guaranteed – over 700,000 records updated each month
  • Cost-effective – no minimum order charge or delivery fee
  • Easy to use – step-by-step guide available

Get highly-targeted sales prospects online – instantly

Business First Network now brings you online access to an award-winning UK business database, with instant counts and downloads available.

You can now utilise the incredible targeting power of data owner Marketscan, named the ‘UK’s Outstanding B2B Data Provider’ in 2013, 2012 and 2011.

Gain access to the only B2B database in the UK which has 5 of the top UK data sources blended into a single file. Targets for mailing, email and telemarketing campaigns can be precisely and quickly selected from a wide range of criteria.

An enhanced business classification system gets right to the heart of your markets, offering better targeting and easier response analysis. It’s easy to use too; a step-by-step guide is available and no previous training is necessary.

Over 40 individual quality checks are performed on every record. So with more than 3.2 million actively trading UK businesses and over 700,000 records updated every month, quality is guaranteed.

All telephone numbers are matched against the CTPS and TPS every 24 hours, so you can rest assured that the data is legally compliant.

  • You only pay for the contacts you download:
  • Single use campaign from £125 per 1000 contacts
  • 12 month licence from £240 per 1000 contacts
  • Telephone number and email options also available