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Examples of Claims:

  • Following a recruitment drive, the member is taken to an employment tribunal for allegedly refusing to offer a suitable candidate a role because of their age, race or disability
  • A disgruntled former employee takes legal action against the member because they feel they were dismissed without the employer following the correct disciplinary procedures.
  • A former employee believes their selection for redundancy was unfair and wishes to take their case to an employment tribunal

Having the right employees can be one of the best assets for any business. However, they can also present some of the greatest threats.

Conflicts and disputes in the workplace can take many forms. At the very least, disputes can disrupt the smooth operation of a business, but if taken further they can prove a legal nightmare for any organisation.

Resolving employment disputes can cost many thousands in compensation and legal costs, which can’t be recovered even if the business wins the tribunal case.

Legal advice is available 24/7 on any employment matter – and if the worst should happen, we will appoint a solicitor to act on your behalf and pay the legal costs involved in resolving the problem.

There have been 186,300 employment tribunals in 2011/2012. The maximum amount of compensation for unfair dismissal is £72,300 – but any discrimination claim can end up as an unlimited award.

We will:-

  • Provide defence prior to legal proceedings in a court or employment tribunal following dismissal of an employee
  • Defend the member’s legal rights in resolution of unfair dismissal claims under the ACAS Arbitration Scheme
  • Defend disputes surrounding employment contracts or breach of statutory rights in legal proceedings with employees, ex-employees and in the case of statutory rights with prospective employees.
  • Pay any compensation awarded against the member by a tribunal or through the ACAS Arbitration Scheme, following the dismissal of an employee or breach of the member’s statutory duties under employment legislation