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  • Contract Disputes
  • Debt Recovery
  • Statutory Licence Appeal
  • Property Disputes
  • Legal Defence
  • Personal Injury

Contract Disputes

All businesses have contracts with both suppliers and customers, and we like to think they will always run smoothly, but sadly that’s not always the case. If you have a dispute over a contract, we will negotiate to ensure the best possible outcome, and pay any legal costs involved. Whether a supplier has provided you with unsatisfactory goods, or your customer feels you have not kept to your side of the bargain, being involved in a contract dispute can be a time consuming and costly burden for any business. We will:

  • Negotiate a settlement, relating to a contract entered into, with a customer or supplier in respect of the purchase, hire, sale or provision of goods or services – provided that the amount in dispute exceeds £500 (incl VAT)

Examples of claim

  • Recently purchased goods are faulty and the supplier is unwilling to cooperate
  • You have a dispute with a recruitment agency with regard to referral fees
  • A dispute arises following the hire terms of some heavy duty construction equipment
  • You receive goods which you have never ordered, and are now being asked for payment

Debt Recovery

For businesses, cash flow is always a major concern. If you suffer from the late payment of commercial debts it can have severe financial consequences. We will:

  • Negotiate for the member’s legal rights including enforcement of judgment to recover money and interest due from the sale of provision of goods or services – provided that the debt exceeds £500 (incl VAT) and the claim is made within 90 days of the money becoming due.

Examples of claim

  • After contacting the customer several times to chase payment, the member contacts the Insurer to pursue the debt. The Insurer instructs solicitors to recover the monies owed.

Statutory Licence Appeal

Many businesses require a statutory licence to go about their business. We will:

  • Appeal to the relevant statutory or regulatory authority, court or tribunal following decision by the authority to suspend, alter, refuse to renew, or cancel the licence.

Examples of claim

  • You are summoned for Jury Service. The remuneration from the court was less than you would have taken as earnings from your job during the same period. We made good his shortfall of nearly £250.
  • Loss of Liquor Licence – local council refused to renew the licence. We appointed a solicitor to appeal the decision on your behalf.

Property Disputes

A company’s premises and material property are essential to the smooth running of any business, therefore it’s important to be protected against the cost and inconvenience of pursuing compensation for property damage. You may end up facing unexpected financial loss if someone’s negligence damages your property, or there is a deliberate attempt to damage or trespass on your property. We will make sure you have access to the necessary expertise to protect your legal rights and claim compensation.

We will:

  • Negotiate for the member’s legal rights following an event which has caused physical damage to the property or any nuisance or trespass

Examples of Claims

  • A driver crashes his car into the member’s premises, causing significant damage to the wall next to the entrance.

Legal Defence

All businesses have to work with restrictive legislation - from Health & Safety legislation to Data Protection, environmental legislation and corporate manslaughter. In 2011/2012, 27 million working days were lost. The economic cost of current or recent work related illness or injury is £13.4 billion a year. It can be difficult to ensure your business is always up to date and fully compliant. Falling foul of the law in these areas can result in heavy fines, and even see your business shut down. We can offer advice and guidance in these areas and if necessary appoint a solicitor to defend your legal rights.

Our cover includes:

  • Defence of any criminal prosecution
  • Defence against certain civil actions such as Data Protection breaches.

Examples of claim:

  • A gas engineer who was prosecuted by the Health & Safety Executive for incorrectly capping a gas pipe against his employer’s health and safety rules. We appointed a solicitor to plead mitigation on his behalf.

Personal Injury

Despite members taking steps to improve the safety of their employees at their workplace, employees could be injured outside their workplace. Personal Injury cover protects the rights of any member’s employee (or their family) should they suffer an injury in connection with the business.

We will:

  • At the member’s request, negotiate for an insured person’s and their family members’ legal rights following an event which causes the death of, or bodily injury to them

Examples of claim

  • An employee is seriously injured following a fall at a supplier’s premises