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Get Free Auto Enrolment Implementation and Compliance When You Join Business First Network

We will take this huge compliance responsibility off your desk completely free of charge as a right of membership.

As a business owner you will have to deal with auto enrolment. Our auto enrolment compliance experts will guide you through the entire process to ensure you comply with all legislation. Starting today we will assist you until your staging date and through to informing your employees.

  • We don't just tell you how to comply we help you to implement all the compliance steps.
  • You will get a safe and secure pension fund where your employees’ pensions will rest.
  • Our pensions provider has been providing pensions since 1982 and administers pensions for thousands of businesses just like yours.
  • The Pensions Regulator recommends that businesses start planning at least a year before the so-called staging date for their auto enrolment process.
  • The Regulator imposed a fixed penalty of £400 each on 166 employers in the last three months of 2014. The Regulator's spokesman, Charles Counsell, made it clear that it expects more businesses to be fined as the enrolment process gathers steam.
  • Our pensions provider works under the advice of Jardine Matheson – one of the most respected financial advisors in the UK.
  • Many employers have failed to enrol staff for a pension scheme on time simply because they have not given themselves enough time to prepare.

Other Benefits of Joining Business First Network

Access to the Highest Quality
Business, Tax and Legal Advice

Legal Advice 24/7

You will get assistance with any commercial legal problem affecting your business under EU laws – 24/7 – whenever you want and as many times as you need to.

Tax Advice

If you have any Tax, VAT or PAYE issues you will get the advice you need.

Your accountant does not know every specific rule of tax law. They won’t underwrite the advice you are given. We can underwrite our advice up to £100k per claim.

DAS Business Law

You will receive unlimited access to a comprehensive website that provides letters, articles, forms and templates designed to help you run your business successfully.

All Our Advice is Underwritten
up to £100k per Claim

  • Underwritten by professional legal expenses cover through DAS - the biggest professional fees insurer in Europe.
  • DAS underwrite hundreds of millions of pounds of legal professional expenses insurance.
  • Guaranteed cover if you go to court.
  • If you are subject to a court hearing, HMRC investigation or an employment dispute we pay your legal and professional fees to defend you up to £100k in any one claim with an unlimited number of claims in any one year.
  • You have complete peace of mind for your business.
    • Protect Your Business

      Legal Protection

      Solicitors fees, barrister fees, expert witness fees, accountants fees, court costs and opponents costs are all paid up to £100k to defend your business in the following situations:

      • Criminal Prosecution Defence
      • Contract Disputes
      • Debt Recovery
      • Statutory Licence Appeal
      • Property Disputes
      • Legal Defence
      • Personal Injury
        • Tax Protection

          What would happen if HMRC ordered an inquiry into your business accounts after finding financial irregularities in your tax returns? Our DAS appointed accountant will represent and advise you.

          Employment Dispute Protection

          What happens if following a recruitment drive you are taken to an employment tribunal for allegedly refusing to offer a suitable candidate a role because of their age, race or disability?

          Or if a disgruntled former employee takes legal action against you because they feel they were dismissed without you, the employer, following the correct disciplinary procedures?

          Or if a former employee believes their selection for redundancy was unfair and wishes to take their case to an employment tribunal?

          We protect you in all these cases.

          Save Money

          Private Medical Health Care

          Our private medical healthcare provider offers no moratorium and no waiting period before eligible claims are payable. Members are given hospital choice, no exclusions for sports activities, overseas cover and special guaranteed transfer facility. No health questions are asked and no medical examination is required. There is no break in protection when you transfer to the Medical Extra Care Plan. We also provide Cash and Income Protection Plans. Details available upon request.

          Business Insurance

          We have a dedicated Business First Network Insurance Team available to discuss your individual insurance needs and to provide quotations free of charge to our Members.

          Card Payment Processing

          Discounted packages for Business First Network Members. Whether you require a new facility or want to save on your existing rates, we will find the right payment solution for your business.

          Telecoms and Communications

          With Business First Network your business benefits from the latest technologies, from the biggest brands at the keenest prices whilst ensuring an unrivalled level of customer service.

          Finance For Business

          Many business people have a romantic illusion of dealing with their “bank manager” or “I’ve been working with this bank for over 20 years”. We all know that the world has changed. The bank manager has disappeared, but Business First Network is here to help.

          Independent Financial Advice

          Business First Network is able to offer independent financial advice on both personal and business financial planning for all Members.

          Helping you Generate more Business.

          Data Services

          Gain access to the only B2B database in the UK which has five of the top UK data sources blended into a single file. Targets for mailing, email and telemarketing campaigns can be precisely and quickly selected from a wide range of criteria.

          Post and Mail

          An innovative and unique online mail management system which allows users to arrange mailings from any computer with an internet connection.

          B2B Networking

          As a business owner you are almost certainly aware of the growth of B2B networking in the UK. Whether it is a formal weekly breakfast meeting or an informal meeting in the coffee shop or local pub, invitations to network arrive nearly everyday.

          B2B Online Directory

          Business First Network brings local businesses together by providing a platform through which Members can post and view business opportunities. The platform facilitates the buying and supplying of goods and services between businesses on a local, regional or national level.


          Membership Plus Benefit Scheme

          Enjoy hundreds of offers and discounts of up to 50% across the country with Membership Plus. The Membership Plus Benefit Scheme has been supplying loyalty bonus benefits to civil servants, university alumni and corporate business employees for many years. Now - for the first time - you the SME business owners will have access to regular monthly savings and discounts on meals out, theatre, cinema, weekend breaks and much more. It all adds up and quickly makes your membership of Business First Network even better value.

          About Business First Network

          Business First Network is a nation-wide organisation. Our primary purpose is to help our business Members gain fast, immediate and free access to probably the best Legal, Tax, Health and Safety and Employment Advice and Support available in the UK. It means when trouble strikes - be it the taxman, a staff issue, legal challenge or more, you’re no longer alone. You have the full weight of the Business First Network’s resources behind you, acting on your behalf, protecting your business, securing your future and giving you that peace of mind which is so important in business.

          By bringing together a network of like-minded business owners both locally and nationally Business First Network has been able to create a unique suite of benefits that provides for its members:

          • Advice and assistance with business regulation and compliance.
          • Access to essential business services at a competitive and business efficient advantage.
          • The opportunity to meet and do business with like-minded business owners.
          • Rewards for you, your family and friends.

          At Business First Network we are committed to working with our Members, Membership Partners, suppliers and the business community to realise our vision of a Robust, Sustainable, and Effective Commercial Business Membership Organisation for the 21st Century.

As the owner of a busy café in a popular local holiday destination. I have to employ part-time and casual staff. I joined Business First Network to get advice and assistance with employment law and paperwork. It was great to find out that Business First Network are also able to assist me in complying with the new pensions regulations and that when my staging date for Auto Enrolment comes, I will have all the necessary recommendations and duties completed and will have a suitable pension scheme in place to meet the needs of my business.

Stephen Boyle
Owner, The Bay Café
Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

As a member of Business First Network I have been able to get assistance with my Auto Enrolment responsibilities. I am now registered with Business First Network’s Pension Provider and looking forward to a smooth and hassle free implementation of Auto Enrolment.

Anne-Marie Dixon
Owner, Elements Hair and Beauty
Largs, Scotland.

"As a relatively new member of Business First Network I am very glad to see their assistance has already made an impact on my business. I have made use of their brilliant legal forms and they have saved my company and myself close to £2,000. The results of having a Business First Network membership are clear. Do not hesitate to become a member; I am very glad I did."

Robert Oxborough MBA
Managing Director
M&G (UK)

"I was formerly a member of another membership organisation but was recently persuaded to join Business First Network. Making use of my Membership plus card on just two occasions has effectively covered the cost of my yearly subscription, therefore it hasn’t cost me anything to be a part of Business First Network and I still have access to all the benefits."

Roger Morrison
Roger Morrison & Co
Chartered Accountants

"I joined Business First Network approximately 9 months ago. I have used my membership plus card for savings at restaurants, hotels, golfing and even saved on new tyres for my car. I've more than covered the cost of my yearly subscription already!!"

Janice Muldoon
One Result
Business Mentor

"The real benefit I have had from The Membership Plus Card is that it has saved me and my family money. I have saved as much as 9% in my local coffee chain to the 20% at the restaurant. The membership costs have been saved by shopping through my grocery shopping alone, never mind the computer purchases."

Andrew Dobbin
The Business Mindset

"It was the best £240 I have spent. I made good use of the legal advice line and was able to avoid a potential employment dispute. I was very pleased with the level of service I received."

Patricia Brocklehurst
Dee-Licious Coffee Shop

"As a member of Business First Network, membership plus scheme our listing has attracted new first time customers who wouldn’t otherwise have used us. Customers have been happy to avail of the discount offered by us."

Alan Wallace
Tom West Picture Framing

"Even in the short time my business in Edinburgh has been a member of the BFN, and although we have barely scratched the surface of the range of membership, I am already delighted with the Business Law resource, particularly the facility to automatically produce employment agreements which in the past has been very challenging for us."

Mike Campbell
Belvoir Edinburgh