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Business First Network

At a Glance

  • Find out the benefits of Business First Network Membership
  • Learn from Local and National industry leaders
  • Meet like-minded business people
  • Make contact with potential new customers and suppliers
  • Early evening to tie in with your business day
  • No extra membership fees
  • No commitment to attend
  • Access to all events nationwide.
  • Venues with easy access and parking
  • Make a monthly date in your diary for business growth.

As a business owner you are almost certainly aware of the growth of B2B networking in the UK, whether a formal weekly breakfast meeting or an informal meeting in the coffee shop or local pub. Invitations to network arrive nearly everyday

You probably know that you should be pro-active in networking for your business but how can you be sure:-

  • That your valuable time will be well spent?
  • What level of commitment is required from you?
  • What results will be guaranteed?

Part of Business First Network’s commitment to members is to organise & run Regular, formal networking events

With local network events annually, Business First Network will invite all current & new members in a fixed geographical area. Members will have an opportunity to:-

  • Find out how Business First Network Membership will help Protect, Save and Grow your business.
  • Learn from Local and National industry leaders
  • Participate in entertaining and robustly structured networking
  • Meet like-minded business owners, potential customers and suppliers.

There will be no extra membership fees to pay for New Members and all members will have the opportunity to introduce a business colleague or friend as a guest.

To put a monthly date for growth in your dairy contact us at Business First Network to find out more.