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Docmail is an innovative print and mail system which allows you to arrange mailings to your customers directly from your desktop. We believe that by using our print and mail system you will see significant time savings and cost reductions.

Docmail can be used to send letters, postcards, newsletters and greetings cards.

Small business research shows it used to cost them up to £1.10 to send a printed letter out in the post when taking into account stationery, print costs and staff time. With Docmail the letters now cost only 42p + vat for each letter and that includes the 2nd class postage.

For any business, the advantages are clear as prices are:

  • 42p + vat for black only letter printed one side and posted 2nd class.
  • 48p + vat for full colour letter printed one side and posted 2nd class
  • 43p + vat for A6 Postcard - 2 side full colour printed 350 gsm.
  • 46p + vat for A5 Postcard - 2 side full colour printed 350 gsm.

What are the benefits to my business?

We can help cut the time and cost of sending documents to your clients, as you no longer have to print, fold and post your letters, we do it for you. Our service allows you to:

  • Create, upload, print and post business mailings directly from your computer
  • With no minimum quantity you can send one letter for less than the cost of a second class stamp.
  • Save time printing and folding and no more trips to the post office.

Are there any Business First Network Member Advantages?

Yes, Simply visit and sign up for a free account, quoting that you are a Business First Network member, and get £10 free credit to send your first mailings for free.

Further discounts are available – subject to spend.