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Legal Pains For Business Owners

Nowadays even the smallest organisation needs a good solicitor but few can afford to retain one.

While a good Lawyer is worth their weight in gold, those hourly fees can result in hefty bills. Because of this, many business owners wait for a crisis before consulting a Law firm, trying their best to muddle through with contracts, legislation, health and safety or chasing late payments all without professional legal guidance.

Court action and legal costs can shut down an otherwise thriving business but with Business First Network on your side this doesn’t have to be the case.


Key Legal Features


24/7 legal Advice for you and your business when you need it


24/7 Employment and HR Advice to help you recruit, manage and motivate your work force 2


Up to £100,000 to protect you and your business in detrimental prosecutions and investigations. 

  • ✓ Provide a 24/7 helpline offering Legal advice
  • ✓ Provide a 24/7 Employment and HR helpline
  • ✓ Advice and protection for Health and safety compliance
  • ✓ Legal cost covered up to £100,000
  • ✓ Commercial legal Advice and protection
  • ✓ Statutory licence Advice and protection
  • ✓ Advice when chasing a debt or breach of contract
  • ✓Jury Service allowance up to £1000
  • ✓ Representation in VAT assessment appeals
  • ✓ Immediate advice without having to hold for HMRC advice lines

Membership Comes With A Special BFN Member Guarantee 


Unlimited Access

You have unlimited access to 5 business advice lines covering Legal, Tax, VAT, HR and Health and Safety

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Fixed Fee

Your membership fee will not increase when you recruit more employees

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Protection for your Business

Up to £100,000 to pay your legal fees in detrimental prosecutions and investigations

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Money Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy we will refund your money within 30 days of joining


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