Business First Network Terms & Conditions

Set out below are the Terms and Conditions of joining Business First Network (BFN)

BFN Terms and Conditions are subject to variation and the most recent version can be found on our website at

1. During your membership of BFN, you may meet other members and/or service providers of BFN who may afford you opportunities to purchase products and/or services from them for the benefit of your business. Your dealings with such members and/or service providers are entirely independent of your membership with BFN. BFN shall not be construed as your agent, partner, principal or otherwise for those purposes.

2. The date on this form/on-line application will be deemed to be the first day of your membership of BFN. Renewal subscriptions will fall due on the anniversary of such date;however, the associated Direct Debit may be collected at a later date for administrative purposes at the sole discretion of BFN. You will receive a statement from BFN once you have returned this form/online application, setting out the amounts due by Direct Debit for your initial subscription, ongoing subscription if you choose monthly payments and renewal subscriptions.

3. Upon Joining the BFN you will be contacted by our member care team with details about our member benefits and information to help you make the most of membership. By submitting your application, you give us permission to contact you.

4. Membership is on an annual basis which can be paid as a one off annual fee or as 12 monthly payments as set out in the BFN pricing page. BFN reserves the right to adjust the pricing of membership at any time. Up to date pricing is available on our website at

5. Membership via BFN basic is available to those that wish to be invited to BFN events and also receive newsletters and other business information and services as outlined on and does not in anyway allow access to the member benefits for standard, pro and advanced members. By submitting the application form or accepting the terms and conditions for our events, blog, newsletters,surveys, or other business services or information you are deemed to have joined BFN basic.

6. Your membership will automatically renew each year. You may revoke your membership with BFN at any time in writing to BFN at 124A Castlereagh Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT5 4NL. No refunds are available in respect of Direct Debits collected prior to receipt of such notification by BFN.

7. Membership of BFN is on a corporate basis and is restricted to businesses with less than 250 employees. If the business recorded as a member exceeds 250 employees during the course of the membership it is your responsibility to inform BFN of this immediately and membership will be withdrawn. Providing false information at the time of or after joining will result in the immediate withdrawal of the member benefits.

8. BFN is a Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998. By joining BFN via this form/on-line application, you agree to be bound by the terms of our Privacy Notice which are available on our website at and you hereby consent to the data processing activities set out therein.

9. BFN hereby excludes liability for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of any advice provided, or products or services sold, by other members, service providers, affiliates or development partners of BFN. BFN further excludes liability for any loss or damage suffered by you of whatever nature as a result of any advice provided by employees, franchisees, agents or any other person purporting to act on behalf of BFN. Any advice provided is not intended to be relied or acted upon and you should always seek the appropriate independent professional advice relevant to that area of expertise.

10. BFN reserves the right to refuse your membership application and/or terminate your membership at any time and at its sole discretion. Your recourse in such circumstances will be limited to a refund of any Direct Debits collected by BFN in respect of any period after the date of termination, such refund to be calculated on a pro-rata basis accordingly.

11. Business First Network is the trading name of Business First Network Ltd. Who’s registered office is 124A Castlereagh Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT5 4NL. Business First Network ltd reserves the right to transfer membership to a third party in any sale, take-over, amalgamation or other business activity that the directors see fit for the on-going provision of the member benefits.

12. Business First Network is keen to have as its members businesses and their owners that wish to be involved in the many benefits and services available. There is no obligation to use the services or attend events, but we will do our best to keep you informed of what we are doing and what is available with your membership. We are conscious of our responsibility in looking after your data and below are links to our:

Privacy Notice for members

Privacy policy for our website and other business activity

Cookies policy

‍Unsubscribe process. You may unsubscribe at anytime by emailing us at with the subject line “unsubscribe”and quote your business name, address and membership no.

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